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Rumors have it that a federal lawsuit against the RNC (and most, if not all, state Republican parties, including Georgia) has now been filed in the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California.

The lawsuit requests of the Court to issue a "Declaratory Judgement," which essentially asks the Court to review the applicable law(s) and issue a ruling as to whether or not the Delegates (and "Alternates", hereinafter to be assumed to be part of the definition of the word "Delegates") to the national Republican convention are required to vote for specific candidates according to how each specific state GOP decided they wanted delegates to vote in respect to how a presidential candidate performed in the Presidential Preference Primary of that state.

Too much of a mouthful to comprehend? ( click to read more )

Let's simplify this by asking the basic legal question the lawsuit asks: If you are a Delegate to the Republican National Convention, can you be required to cast a vote for a particular candidate under the laws of the United States? THAT is the question at hand.

Currently, the RNC (and the states) have stipulated that their Delegates are "bound" to be required to vote for a certain candidate or for state-specific proportional candidates for President, at the actual national Convention.

The lawsuit seeks the result that all delegates to the national convention will be designated to be "unbound." Meaning, if, for example, someone who actually was a supporter of Newt Gingrich is a Delegate to the national convention, and that state from which that Delegate is from actually went with Mitt Romney as a majority vote (or as a proportional vote), then that Delegate could (if the lawsuit goes the way of the plaintiffs in the declaratory judgement) cast a vote for Newt if they wanted to.

The lawsuit cites several components of both federal law (which applies in the case of any process involving the election of any elected officeholder at the federal level), one US Supreme Court case that applies (Morse v. Republican Party of Virginia, 1996), and various and sundry Rules of the Republican National Committee as they apply.

Part of the Federal law that can bring this entire matter into Federal Court is the following part of the Code of Federal Regulations:

"11 CFR 100.2(e): Caucus or Convention. A caucus or convention of a political party is an election if the caucus or convention has the authority to select a nominee for federal office on behalf of that party."

So, based on this section of Federal Code, all of a sudden, the RNC (and, by direct parent-child relationship between the Georgia GOP and the RNC, the Georgia GOP) and all of the activities that have occurred this year in Georgia via the 2012 Convention Call (i.e., mass precinct caucuses, county conventions, district conventions, state GOP convention) may now be examined under a federally-operated microscope.

Additionally, one of the points of contention in the lawsuit is Rule #38 of the RNC Rules which states as follows: "No delegate or alternate delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule."

FYI, "Unit Rule" is a rule that a state's delegates to a national convention could vote as one "unit" based on what candidate the majority of the delegates voted for in a primary or caucus.

Soooo..., if the "unit rule" is prohibited, then how was it ever possible for any state to be a "winner take all" state? Good question, and since no one at the RNC appears to wish to answer that kind of question, the only place left to get that question answered is federal court.

This Website documents the states that are "winner take all" states (as opposed to states that allocate delegates according to "proportional" wins by the top 3 candidates, and states that didn't declare any allocation).

By PV's count (and assuming this Website documents this correctly), there are 15 states that are winner-take-all states in the 2012 PPP.

A copy of the summons and a copy of the lawsuit was hand-delivered to the Georgia Republican Party headquarters yesterday afternoon (and, we have an audio recording of the delivery and the person's name at the State GOP who received these documents).

If you are a corrupt-minded Republican (or, weak-minded who cannot think for yourself) in this state, and therefore you believe that there should be no dissent in the "Republican Party," then you will spend your time bitching and moaning about the names of the plaintiffs from Georgia on this lawsuit.

If you are someone who truly believes in the right to free speech (and, therefore, the right to vote as you wish and to have an opinion on a candidate that you wish), and the rest of the rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, then you will sit back and hope, actually, that there will be justice rendered that allows people to vote their conscience at the national convention.

While this lawsuit was filed by an organization of lawyers and people who support Ron Paul, the effects of the lawsuit will affect every candidate for Republican president in 2012, and into the future. Because, you know there are Delegates elected to the national convention (whether from Georgia or not) who did (and, still do, likely) support Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich (or Ron Paul) who are sitting in their life every single day wishing that they could actually cast the vote for the candidate of their choice, rather than the one they are bound to have to cast a vote for due to some sort of state GOP "edict" that they must vote for X-Candidate...when that edict may actually be completely unlawful.

This case is a legal matter with legal rights under the law that are in jeopardy for EVERYONE in this country, not just "Republicans."

If you want to scream and holler about "Obama" and those "Democrats" and all their corrupt acts, that's great. But, if you want to do that while turning a blind eye to the corruption in your very own Republican party, then that really doesn't make you any less corrupt (whether that corruption is in your mind by thinking acts by other Republicans who break the rules or violate laws are "okay" as long as we "win," or that you've, perhaps, directly engaged in acts of corruption and rule-breaking) than the Dems, does it?

If you want to know more about how the lawsuit was filed (rather than trudge through the reading of the lawsuit), you can view this video on YouTube where they explain the law that applies:


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Originally Posted by Submitted on The Daily Paul by Robin Koerner Wed, 06/13/2012
My opinion is worth no more than the next manís, but I am sure that a vote for Romney or Obama is a vote to give up everything that has been built in the liberty movement. It is to forget that we are playing the long game. It is to throw away an extraordinary opportunity to prove to the country that the new middle of American politics - the new swing vote Ė is a Constitutionalist liberty-loving block. In fact, it's not really "in the middle" at all - but entirely off the Left-Right axis.

Charles A. Gregory Charles at


1) Having thrown my hat in the ring for State Representative (, my available time has been significantly diminished. As such, Andrew Danner, our 1st district coordinator has agreed to step up and help with state level communications so please look for future emails from Andrew. I will continue to be involved with Georgia for Ron Paul as will the other state coordinators; however, we will be adding Andrew, and perhaps others to assist with and be part of moving this organization forward.

2) If you havenít noticed, the website is being re-branded to become Its continued function will be to network grassroots liberty groups throughout Georgia.

3) A federal lawsuit has been filed against the GOP for election fraud and coercion; I believe one is being filed against the Georgia GOP as well. I will let Andrew send the details on this soon. Please look for his email.

In Liberty,

Charles A. Gregory
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"An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army - or any government!"Ė Texas Congressman Ron Paul

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